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Transportation to work, school, and for medical needs should be available to everyone in the state.  Where that infrastructure lacks in District 38, I will work with the South Central Regional Transit District to increase routes and ridership that will benefit the region.

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Renewable Energy

With the 100% Clean Energy bill passed by the NM Legislature in 2019, our state has a directive to double renewable energy use in the state by 2025, require 50% renewable energy by 2030 and 100 percent carbon free electricity generation by 2045. This has incredible potential for job creation and economic opportunities.  And, while the state is moving in a direction to less dependence on coal, we also should be sensitive to those jobs that will be displaced by providing free job training and placement in our new renewable economy.  As a Senator with legitimate knowledge about jobs and renewable energy, I will continue to champion this industry, support the development of renewable energy businesses in rural areas, and make sure job training is available for new energy positions as well as those displaced in the coal industry.

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Reproductive Rights

Since the landmark decision of Roe V Wade in 1973, women have had legal access to abortions.  However, the fight for reproductive autonomy continues.  And, as we see states like Arkansas, Idaho, South Dakota, Tennessee, and others, enact laws that remove a woman’s right to choose because of the inactions at the federal level, we need to protect New Mexico residents with laws that support and respect women.  By providing women and families with access to birth control, mammograms, pre-natal and pregnancy care, and whether to continue a pregnancy is a right that all women deserve.  Continuing to have archaic laws in New Mexico that penalize women who choose to terminate a pregnancy is insulting, assuming that women haven’t thought about the outcomes.  As Senator, I will push for progressive reproductive legislation that respects women, allows access to related healthcare, and protect those that provide those services.

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Economic Development and Local Businesses

New Mexico has tremendous opportunities to increase economic opportunities in both rural and urban areas.  Many of those areas have agencies, chambers, and business focused organizations working to not only attract new businesses but support those already in operations.  I recognize the importance of having large corporations and businesses in our state as they provide much needed jobs and incomes.  I will continue to support recruiting businesses to our community.  However, I understand with great insight, the importance our locally owned businesses are to our region.  While large corporations and chains receive enormous tax incentives to move to our communities, locally owned businesses do not receive such perks.  Every day, small business owners stress over making payroll, increasing customers and clients, and keeping their doors open.  As a supporter of increasing the minimum wage, I also equally support providing resources, funds, and programs to give locally owned businesses an even playing field.  As Senator for District 38, I will champion legislation that provides incentives and resources for small businesses that allow them to compete with national chains and big box stores.  Working with increased wages and costs of health care, small businesses need assistance in retaining quality employees while providing reasonable benefits.  I will do that for our region and for our state.

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Public Lands

Our public lands and open spaces are perhaps one of the most cherished qualities of New Mexico.  Our residents know the importance of protecting them, not only for physical and emotional health, but also for enhancing the quality of life for the communities that surround them.  I have had the incredible honor of successfully making the economic argument for protected public lands through my work in the creation of the Organ Mountain-Desert Peaks National Monument.  By creating ways for communities and businesses to demonstrate the economic impact of public lands, Las Cruces is now a leader in the country as implementing innovative and thoughtful strategies to demonstrate investment in their public lands.  Within urban communities, there are spaces that have been created through the Land and Water Conservation Fund, like parks and playgrounds, baseball and soccer fields, and essential river ecosystems.  In addition to my work on National Monuments, highlighting the urban spaces that enhance the living experience of our residents has been truly satisfying.  Because of these efforts, both for public spaces and public lands, I have had incredible experiences talking with lawmakers at the local, state, and national level, demonstrating the economic impact these places have on communities.  As Senator, I will continue to protect these spaces, support the efforts for more equitable access for communities of color and those without financial means, and develop resources for communities to benefit from the tourism potential for the outdoors.

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